Epilepsy Alliance Europe

Epilepsy Alliance Europe (EAE) is not-for-profit organisation established under
the auspices of the International League Against Epilepsy
and the International Bureau for Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Alliance Europe Programmes

E-pilepsy - Programmes - Epilepsy Alliance Europe


While epilepsy surgery is an established treatment in the management of individuals with drug-resistant focal epilepsy, there is still a lack of awareness of suitable candidates and possible benefits of epilepsy surgery amongst doctors and patients.

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ESBACE - Programmes - Epilepsy Alliance Europe


The general objective of the pan-European research project, ESBACE (European Study on the Burden and Care of Epilepsy), is to facilitate the development of high-quality epilepsy care at all stages of the disease, equitable across EU countries.

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The EpiCARE network would develop and deliver highly-specialized diagnostics and care to improve interventions and outcome in individuals with rare and complex epilepsies

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Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders - Epilepsy Alliance Europe

Value of Treatment

The VoT project will show the socio-economic benefits of healthcare interventions through analysis of case studies in order to build towards closing the treatment gap and developing a workable model of care for epilepsy and other brain disorders.

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RADAR-CNS - Programmes - Epilepsy Alliance Europe

Radar – CNS

RADAR-CNS is a research programme that will use smart phones and innovative technology in an observational study to establish the potential for wearable devices to improve the wellbeing of people with a diagnosis of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or depression.

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Other Programmes - Programmes - Epilepsy Alliance Europe

Other Programmes

Find out about some of the other scientific and social programmes in which Epilepsy Alliance Europe is involved in working to achieve its vision of optimal care and treatment of people living throughout Europe with epilepsy.

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Our Epilepsy Advocates

The European Advocates for Epilepsy Working Group is a group of cross‐party, cross‐national MEPs with a particular interest in
epilepsy, whose aim is to improve the quality of life of all people with epilepsy, their families, care‐givers
and healthcare providers through European Union policy.

Advocates for the Epilepsy Alliance Europe

Our Vision

With a vision to have epilepsy as a health priority in Europe, our main objectives are the protection of the rights of people with epilepsy, the improvement of epilepsy care, the dissemination of awareness and knowledge about the complex spectrum of epileptic diseases, and the promotion of research in epilepsy and its comorbidities.


Epilepsy Alliance Europe has established a wide base of partnerships in order to achieve its objectives.

University of Gothenburg - Epilepsy Alliance of Europe
Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners - Ca Granada
Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners - UCL
Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners - Lyon
Brain Center Rudolf Magnus - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners - Support Epilepsy
Oslo University Hospital - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Diakonie Kork - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Universty Hospital Saint Ivan Rilski - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Klinicki Bolnicki Centrar - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners
Motol - Epilepsy Alliance Europe Partners


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